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The Royal Singapore is an inspirational story telling Facebook Page started in 2019 with the vision of sharing and celebrating the genuine stories of Average Singaporeans.

Our videos celebrate positive, common human traits such as perseverance, passion, optimism, filial piety and love that are relatable to a very wide audience.

We are a content platform with a huge audience backed by a strong production team and business development experts. We are therefore perfectly positioned to entertain our viewers while also providing a multitude of value-add services to corporate clients.

Philosophy & Vision

Every Singaporean has an amazing story worth celebrating. We capture those stories and bring out the inspirational from the ordinary.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.

We are the voices of the Average Singaporean.

Message from the
CEO/Creative Director

As of 1st of May 2020, Takagi Agency will be welcoming Red String Video Co. into the family.

As a video producer in the video production industry for 13 years now, I am proud to be asked to help steer the agency during these dark times as its Creative Director and CEO.

We started the year full of plans for the year to come, I think you and I will agree that the situation has changed drastically. We are waking up to a brave new world now.

Due to COVID-19, we are seeing massive changes to our community and our lives. This is a full blown pandemic now. We are looking at a global public health crisis, with loss of lives being the immediate concern. Following that, we are all concerned with the aftermath of a much weaker economy.

Instead of bowing down to this economic crisis, however, Takagi Agency is doubling down on what we believe in, in producing inspiring stories to lift spirits up, and in positive brand stories to secure the hearts and minds of our audience.

Takagi Agency has always believed in capturing the stories of the every man, and bringing out the inspirational from the ordinary. And Red String Video Co., with its mission being “To ENLIGHTEN and move the world, one story at a time,” is fully aligned on this journey as well.


Why Keen

CEO/Creative Director

Takagi Agency Pte Ltd

The Royal Singapore, an entertainment and lifestyle platform will continue to focus on sharing inspirational stories of average Singaporeans.

On the production front, Red String Video Co. will focus on customizing content which is engaging, feels authentic, and tailored to business goals.

Collectively, Takagi Agency will keep moving forward, to create positive stories that feel authentic, that engage with the audience, all while maintaining your business goals in mind. These goals may sound like opposing forces, but we find a lot of value in striving for that balance.

The world is changing, we believe that our experience at social media management and video production would help propel your business into the forefront. We look forward to exploring this brave new world with you.

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